Store Management

Store Management

Store Management

MS 3033

Store Management System is client server configuration software & it is used store and maintains inventory materials with location identify facility. It has customized configuration feature for racks and trays. Minimum and maximum level for each component and cost can be configured for each item. Software stores all information in database server.



  • Easy to create Virtual Rack(s).
  • Provides Security to access the System.
  • Each rack can be configured as Box(s) and Each Box easily configured as tray(s).
  • Items can be added to each tray.
  • It maintains the Transaction History of each item(s).
  • Generates the Report for Month, Year and Selected Period transaction.
  • Provides the Option to Process BOM.
  • Compatible with Part Number System.
  • Compatible for Windows XP, 2000, VISTA and 2003 Server.

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