School Note Book Management System

School Note Book Management System

School Note Book Management System

MS 3037



School Note Book Management System is an automation tool and very useful tool for education service providers (Notes, book and accessories shops). This software is based on client server configuration & it is used to assist/automate purchase and stores procedure for any class students. Software has features like to configuration for different syllabus and different education system (like State board, CBSE, ICSE, etc…). Software will store all information in database server. Software has following features and also database design is compatible for any additional development packages related to organization requirements.


  • Easy Inventory Management & Maintenance
  • Configure and maintain the textbooks, notebooks and miscellaneous items for individual classes
  • Sales Management
  • Students Management
  • Automated Invoice Generation
  • Various Report Generation and Customized Sales Reports
  • Client Server Architecture enables to run in multiple nodes
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Centralized Billing System
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Quick retrial of Bill / Invoice Number
  • Easy to get duplicate Bill / Invoice
  • One step solution to issue materials
  • Automatically quantity is deducted for each Bill / Invoice

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