ARM Elevator Board

ARM Elevator Board

ARM Elevator Board

MS 1517



  • Works with 2 wires, supplied with landing displays and communication with "CAN" processor
  • Provides field-proven perfomance, lifetime support commitment.
  • Remote communication with modem and suitable software enables user to download the system history from remote location
  • Monitor and control elevators inn real time-across campus or country.
  • Group Control Available upto 64floors and 6 cars.
  • Displays car and hall calls, waiting times and Data Log Information on a color screen.
  • Stores information during the working day.
  • Self learning call allocation, allows system to read day by day call history and respond to the unexpected travel patterns from previous experience



  • Comapact Board Size 200X230 mm
  • Easy to access screw terminals
  • Travelling cable reduced by 4 wires all these are provided by comfort.

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