Energy Saver

Energy Saver

Energy Saver

The Energy saver is a control unit (Micro controller based unit) which adds intelligence
to simple air conditioner units and improves their overall efficiency. An air conditioner system together with a room can be modeled as a thermodynamic system.


The system efficiency varies,

  • Problem: During the cooling process with simple On/Off compressors (NOT Inverters)
    there are stages of higher efficiency and of low efficiency.
  • Solution: The Energy saver cuts out the most inefficient parts of the cooling cycles. The thermostat remains in control. The energy saver only optimizes how the cooling is achieved.


It is compatible with,

  • DX (Direct Expansion) air conditioner systems
  • Single speed (On/Off) compressors
  • Up to approx. 10 tons
  • Single evaporator
  • Single compressor (suitable for some dual compressor systems, too)



  • Typical energy savings 20% - 35%
  • Attractive payback times
  • Proven, reliable, made to highest quality standards
  • Simple installation
  • Best energy saving alternative for your existing air conditioner if you do not want to invest into an Inverter unit.



  • Input Voltage: 230V AC (50Hz)
  • Max Current: 15 mA

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