Elevator Controller System

Elevator Controller System

Elevator Controller System

MS 1524

The lift controller consists of powerful ARM LPC2364 controller chip having Enhanced Vectored Interrupt Controller, Ethernet 10/100 MAC with DMA, USB 2.0 Full Speed Device Controller, CAN 2.0B with two channels, General purpose DMA controller, Four UART, one with full modem interface, Three I2C serial interfaces, Three SPI/SSP serial interfaces, I2S interface, 10-bit ADC with 6 channels, 10-bit DAC, Four 32-bit timers. The lift controller can capable latching 3 ports for Output port writing, it can read 6 Opto input line and four internal Key inputs. Also can display all the Floor information on the 64*128 byte LCD display module.

Also the main lift controller is communicating with other salve controller using powerful CAN channels, which is best for its supporting distributed real-time control with a very high level of security for automotive and industrial environments. The lift controller is used for services of general application as well as commercial use. It supports all the functionality of Simplex as well as duplex qualities with reduced design complexity.



  • 2 CAN channel powerful Communication interface with slaves.
  • Single Channel Configurable Ethernet communication for debug purpose.
  • Support both simplex as well as duplex terminology.
  • Hardware design has optimized.
  • 4 UART channel for user communication while problem trace out.
  • Separate latches for both reading digital inputs and output ports.
  • Lift status information display on the 64*128 byte LCD display module.
  • Lift attends all call requests on interrupt basis so improved speed.
  • Power for the LPC 2364 board is drawn less power 3.3V.

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