Dual Channel Digital Receiver

Dual Channel Digital Receiver

Dual Channel Digital Receiver

MS 1740

Dual Channel Digital Receiver is a complete high−frequency dual−channel A/D converter capable of sampling rates up to 210 MHz. It accepts two front panel analog inputs and delivers digital output samples over four FPDP (Front Panel Data Port) connectors utilizing FPDP standards. The Dual Channel Digital Receiver features two 12−bit Analog Devices AD9430 A/D Converters, and two user−configurable Xilinx® Virtex−IV Series FPGAs. It also features a VME A64/D64 slave interface for setting up operating modes and selectable A/D range, and optionally provides 32−bit access from the VMEbus to the FPGAs. It is an ideal system as a high−speed data acquisition front end for real time recording and digital signal processing systems.



  • Two 215−MHz, 12−bit A/D converters
  • RF transformers supports 700 MHz input
  • Four FPDP front panel outputs
  • FIFO buffering for real−time recording
  • Advanced Xilinx® Virtex−IV FPGAs
  • Multi−board synchronization

Specifications Front Panel Connectors

  • Analog Inputs: Two female SMA connectors
  • Sample Clock Input: One female SMA connector
  • Sync/Gate Bus: One 26−pin connector, with four gates, one sync, and one clock input/output LVDS signals, plus one sync and one gate input TTL signals
  • FPDP Outputs: Two 80−pin FPDP connectors (A and B)
  • FPDP Outputs: Two 80−pin FPDP connectors(C and D)

Analog Signal Inputs

  • Quantity: 2 Front panel SMA connectors
  • Input Type: Single−ended, non−inverting
  • Coupling: AC
  • Input Impedance: 50Ω
  • Full Scale Input: + 8dBm (1.59 Volts p−p) or +2 dBm (0.796 Volts p−p)

Analog Input Transformers

  • Quantity: 2
  • Type: Mini−Circuits ADT1−1WT
  • 3 dB Passband: 400 kHz to 800 MHz (limited to 700 MHz by A/D)

Analog/Digital Converters

  • Quantity: 2
  • Device: Analog Devices AD9430
  • Sampling Rate: 60 MHz to 215 MHz
  • Resolution: 12 bits
  • Bandwidth: 700 MHz at full power
  • Coupling: Transformer coupled
  • Clock Source: On-board crystal oscillator or external clock
  • Internal Clock Frequency: 210−MHz crystal oscillator (standard) 213.333−MHz crystal oscillator
  • External Clock Input Source: Front panel SMA connector
  • Type: Single−ended, non−inverting, Sine Wave
  • Frequency: 60 MHz to 215 MHz
  • Impedance: 50Ω, AC coupled
  • Full−scale Input Voltage: 0 to +4 dBm

External Sync/Gate Inputs

  • LVDS Signals: Front panel LVDS Sync Bus inputs/outputs:
  • GATE A: 2 LVDS pins (1 differential pair)
  • GATE B: 2 LVDS pins (1 differential pair)
  • GATE C: 2 LVDS pins (1 differential pair)
  • GATE D: 2 LVDS pins (1 differential pair)
  • FPGA SYNC: 2 LVDS pins (1 differential pair)
  • CLK: 2 LVDS pins (1 differential pair)
  • TTL Signals: Front panel TTL inputs:
  • TTL GATE: 1 pin
  • TTL SYNC: 1 pin
  • Gate Disable: Each gate can be disabled; when disabled, FIFO writes default to enabled
  • Triggering: Each gate can be programmed as a trigger

Field−Programmable Gate Arrays

  • Quantity: Two Products – 2011 22 / 57
  • Device: Xilinx Virtex−IV XC4VFX60,Xilinx Virtex−IV XC4VSX55
  • Programming: Factory programmed.



    • Quantity: Two, one per FPGA
    • Size: 256 MBytes (32M x 32) each
    • Note: Each FPGA bank contains four 16M x 16 chips, configured for a 32−bit wide data bus
    • Interface: Interfaced to FPGA


    • Quantity: Two, one per FPGA
    • Size: 16 MBytes each
    • Mapping: Programmable by the corresponding FPGA
    • Write Enable: With jumper

Additional Flash

    • Quantity: Two, one per FPGA
    • Size: 32 MBits each
    • Mapping: Programmable by the corresponding FPGA

Digital Outputs

  • Quantity: Standard: Two Front Panel Data Port (FPDP) connectors, each providing 32−bit output
  • Output Type: FPDP I, non−inverted configuration FPDP II, double the selected clock rate
  • Clock: On−board clock


  • Quantity: Four IDT72V3690 FIFOs, one for each FPDP port
  • Size: 32,768 x 36
  • Speed: FIFOs are capable of 166 MHz speed, but are run at one half of sample clock speed

VME Slave Interface

  • Type: Slave A.64 D64, A64/D64
  • Control: Operating modes, gate/trigger, FIFO reset, data packing, FPDP I or II, FPDP framing, time sync command and status (read only)

Environmental − Commercial Applications

  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50°C
  • Storage Temperature: −20° to 90°C
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% non−condensing
  • VME Rack Exhaust Temp: 0° to 50°C
  • Environmental − Ruggedized Applications Cooling Method (operational): Forced Air

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