CAN Interface Board

CAN Interface Board

CAN Interface Board

MS 1534



  • Auto Learning for slow detection and easy commissioning.
  • Encoder signal for floor detection.
  • Detail diagnostic of individual components ensures safety and reliable operation
  • Attached ARD for each panel for rescue in case of power fail.
  • Intelligent algorithm to attend any calls within 10 seconds for standard configuration.
  • VIP option, Fireman switch, overload protection $ protection of all other standard interfaces integrated.
  • Announciator is integrated with Gong bell.
  • Preferable selection of floor by user, software functional options, Delay times and important configurations.
  • Error diagnosis by PC interfaces, eleavator error history and services details make your maintenance job very effective and efficient in time period



  • One Wire Display
  • Floor displays and car display PCB systems in serial.
  • One magnet per floor and one door zone on car top for any number of floors.
  • Incorporated up to G + 64, auto door with integrated ARD.
  • Floor displays and Car push switches through one wire interface.
  • Floor and car displays are 2 wired interfaced

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