Satellite ATE

Satellite ATE

Satellite ATE

MS 1123

Configurable Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) MKII is a customized tester, built to carry out card level testing for satellite systems (12 different types of boards). The purpose of ATE is to provide a user-friendly environment to test the boards for their functionality, perform specific tests of each card. The card level testing facilitates troubleshooting down to a faulty signal flow path. Both hardware and software designed such a way that each Input / Output is configurable and user can dynamically script the test procedure using standard ‘C’ Language.



  • RS422, RS232 and PCI bus Interface
  • Configurable Discrete Inputs/Outputs
  • Analog Inputs/Outputs
  • Differential Inputs/Outputs
  • Self Test
  • Configurable Timer/Counter
  • Manchester Biphase Signals Interface
  • Relay Controls
    • C Compiler for Script based test procedure
    • GUI Test Software Package (Menu, Schematic and Fault diagnostic)
  • 19" Rack Mountable System



  • Automatic Test Equipment

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