Quad Channel Tester (QCT)

Quad Channel Tester (QCT)

Quad Channel Tester (QCT)


Quad Channel Tester for Integrated Flight Control Computer (QCT-IFCC - MS4500) is a portable test equipment to check the electrical functionalities of IFCC by simulating various signals and pressure in standalone conditions. System shall simulate, acquire, monitor, and validate the functionalities of different signals.


Price: Rs. 7,20,00,000/-*


  • Portable unit for standalone operation
  • CPCI based Architecture
  • Powerful SBC with RTOS (Linux) – Compatible with AETS software architecture for ease of development
  • Can be used for Hardware ATP clearance of IFCC and software functionalities
  • 19” Rack based Tester
  • Operates on 230VAC
  • Tester have following IO
    • Discrete Input outputs
    • Analog Input Outputs
    • LVDT, RVDT, Excitation Sets
    • Actuator Interface Circuits
    • DCM, TAT and Inductive Load
    • SPIL & CCDL
    • MIL1553B, ARINC 429
    • ASYNC RS422, SYNC RS422
  • Inbuilt LRU Power Supply to power IFCC
  • Self-test facility at connector level
  • All Outputs are Monitored at Connector end of Tester
  • Status and Indication at Front Panel and all IO interface with Rear panel

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