Mission Computer Software Integration Rig

Mission Computer Software Integration Rig

Mission Computer Software Integration Rig

MS 1124

The HSIR is the ground test facility and it simulates various LRUs/sensors interfaced with the HAWK Mission Computer. RIG consists of Industrial computers with Simulation modules, Acquisition modules, Video generator module and video display monitors. RIG provides the simulated inputs to both the MCs from each simulated sensor/ LRU through hardwired signals, through the MIL-1553B, Arinc 429, RS-422, RS232 and Ethernet etc. The rig is capable of testing two MCs together either of which can be used as the Bus Controller (BC) or the Remote Terminal (RT). The rig provides the facility to monitor and acquire the MIL-1553B, Arinc 429, RS-422, and RS232 Ethernet bus, Analog IOs, Synchro IOs, Discrete IOs and transactions that takes place between the MCs and various sensors/units. The RIG has the capability to test individual MCs also.



  • Simulation of HAWK MCs input sensors.
  • Data Acquisition, Display and logging of HAWK MCs inputs &outputs (Except video and power).
  • Video generation, acquisition and display.
  • System management (HSIR Self health monitoring, calibration and reporting etc.)
  • HAWK MC, MFD, HUD/DEP Switching and Handling
  • Power supply control, distribution, monitoring to all the units and Rig components.


The HAWK MC has the following electrical and data bus interfaces with different LRUs / sensors,

  • Analog I/O
  • Discrete I/O
  • Synchro
  • Video signals
  • MIL1553B
  • RS-422
  • RS-232
  • Ethernet
  • Arinc429
  • Power

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