Receiver and Exciter

Receiver and Exciter

Receiver and Exciter

MS 2010

Receiver Exciter is used to receive and transmit HF range signals & processing HF signals into voice and data format using DSP technology. It consists of high quality HF receiver and HF exciter. System has SELCAL and secure communication features. System has configuration facility for Frequency range, mode of operation (AM, LSB, USB, DATA, CW), volume, squelch level from external control unit. The exciter produces the low power signal which is fed to the power amplifier unit.



Frequency Range : 2.00 MHz to 29.99Mz
Power Supply : 28V DC
Modulation : CW and Clear Voice (USB/LSB/AM) Secure voice & SELCAL
Input Impedance : 50 Ohms
Sensitivity for 10dB min (S+N)/N:CW/SSB : 0.07UV,AM 2.5uV
Interface To Controller : MIL1553B & R485
Audio Output : NLT 50 mv into 150 ohms/ 600 Unbalanced
Audio Distortion : NMT 5%
Squelch : Adjustable for (S+N)/N=50 to 20 DB
Volume : Minimum 20db Variation

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