HF Communication Equipment

HF Communication Equipment

HF Communication Equipment

MS 2000

The Meltronics HF/SSB system provides a reliable voice communication over 2 to 29.99MHz frequency range and is designed to meet the most diverse requirements. The HF system is used to establish communication between Air to Ground station, Air to Air and Air to Ship. This System is suitable for Aircraft, Helicopter and Ships communication applications. The HF transceiver has beyond line of sight communications providing both voice and data services. Systems is a digital, Microprocessor controlled, synthesized unit that utilizes DSP technology to increase performance and versatility.


Sub Systems

  • Cockpit mounted Control Unit
  • Receiver Exciter
  • Power Amplifier

Product Highlights

  • Frequency of Operation: 2 to 29.99MHz
  • Channel Spacing: 100Hz
  • Microprocessor Based LSI component design
  • Power Supply: 28V DC
  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DSS) for fast tuning.
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for Modulation and Demodulation
  • BITE provides full functional check of the system in both RX and TX modes and provides quick , simple and economical maintenance.
  • Single Side Band Suppressed carrier and full AM (double side band + carrier) modes of operation are selectable for both transmission and reception.
  • SELCAL function and narrow Band secure voice mode of operation
  • Communication interface with system MIL 1553B/RS485
  • Fast Automatic Tuning (Stabilization Time): Less than 1 Minute
  • 100 Pre Programmable Channels
  • Modes of Operation: CW and Clear Voice USB / LSB / AM with normal or secure communication.


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