Antenna Tuning Unit

Antenna Tuning Unit

Antenna Tuning Unit

MS 2012

Antenna Tuning unit is used to automatically tune the notch antenna impedance. Microprocessor does tuning through tuning inbuilt algorithm. It has RS485 interface for external control unit interface. Capacitor unit (CU), Inductor unit, (IU) and RF Element are subunits of this antenna-tuning unit. System maximizes transmission.



Operating Voltage : 22V DC to 36V DC
Frequency Range : 2MHz to 29.9999MHz
Power Handling Capacity : Upto 800 Watts PEP
Input Impedance : 50 Ohms
Tuning Time : 50ms for programmed channels
Transmit Correction : Not more than 0.25 seconds (CW).
VSWR : NGT1.3:1

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