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About Meltronics Group Of Companies

  • Meltronics is into Aerospace defence electronics for more than a decade, has expertise in design, development, manufacture, testing, delivery, installation, training and maintenance of electronic systems & products for defence , industries and avionics.
  • Meltronics is ratified for Industrial License by MOD/Standing Committee on private participation in defence equipment.
  • Meltronics is an ISO9001:2008 & CEMILAC Certified
  • Meltronics Pioneers in Electronic Products such as Defence Equipments and Multi-Warning Systems, EW Products, Jammers, Digital Receivers, DSP Products, Communication Equipment, Interfaces, All Data Acquisition/Retrieval, High End System level ATE with professional GUI based Software Test Packages.
  • Meltronics has experience with various quality test procedures and processes such as MIL-STD-810D, MIL-STD-416D.
  • Meltronics has strong knowledge and experience with MIL standards and executed projects with defence documentation procedures such as DOD 2167A, MIL STD 498,IEEE 12207, DO 178B standards.

Technology Profile

RF Technology

  • RF Designs
  • Mixed Signal Designs

Embedded Technology

  • Connectivity PCI, cPCI, VME, VPX, PMC
  • Embedded Processing Power PC's, Intel, ARM, DSP, FGPAs.
  • Hi Speed Serial i/o Rapid i/o, PCI Exp, Multi Gigabyte Ethernet

Design Services

  • Wiring Harness
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Air worthiness Certificates
  • Thermal Analysis, CAD Layout
  • System Integration Solution

Software Design Services

  • Embedded Software Products
  • Device Drivers for Windows and Linux
  • BSP's for PowerPC, Intel, ARM, DSP Processor
  • Development on VxWorks, RT Linux, pSOS, winCE,
  • RTX, QNX, Integrity, ThreadX, Lynx, Nucleus OS

Application Software

  • Software Testing
  • Configuration Management
  • Independant Verification & Validation
  • Model Driven Software Design & Development
  • Web Technologies (ASP, HTML, DHTML, AJAX, JAVA, PHP, Perl)
  • Documentation (DOD 2167A, MIL STD 498, IEEE 12207, DO178B)
  • SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, based Database Applications
  • GUI Applications, Application Software Packages & IT Enabled Services
    (VC++, VB,C#, .NET, QT, kDEVELOP)
  • Expertise in Visual Studio, Code Composer, Code Warrior, Keil, Real View, KDevelop, & Rational Rose.

Core Competencies and Strengths

  • Digital Receivers
  • IT enabled services
  • Communication Systems
  • System-level ATE, Simulators
  • Jammers/Interception equipment
  • Integrated Multi-Warning System
  • Digital Signal Processing Solutions
  • Re-engineering against Technologies
  • Processor-Units with embedded software
  • Multi Functional Data Acquisition Systems
  • EW Systems, EW Technologies and Updates
  • Wiring Harness (Cable Forms, Looms Fabrication)
  • Maintenance Packages for Ground & Shore Agencies
  • Interface applications for combat management systems
  • Solid state recorders, mission data recorders & analyzers
  • Documentation DOD 2167A, MIL STD 498,IEEE 12207, DO 178B
  • MIL-STD-810D, MIL-STD-416D, Airworthiness Qualification Process
  • Development of Customized Test Sets, Special to type Equipment and Control Stations
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